Solutions for the exercises in the book: Haskell – The Craft of Functional Programming

I took a course that used the book: Haskell – The Craft of Functional Programming by Simon Thompson, Second Edition.

Solutions to exercises

Although most of the exercises in the book are not hard if you know some programming, maybe it’s still good to look up somebody else’s solutions to the exercises in Haskell – Craft of Functional Programming.

Note that the correctness of these solutions is not verified. Most of them should be correct, though.

I don’t have access to the book anymore though and will not be able to help you with any of the exercises not in my solutions. Please talk to your tutor 🙂

Why use email encryption?

This page describes some reasons why email encryption is good and should be used by everyone. It is not about how encryption works technically.

What is encryption?

Encryption is a mechanism that ensures that only the correct recipient of a message is able to read it. When I send a message to Thomas, it is encrypted, that means it is changed in a way that nobody can read it. Only Thomas is able to change it back to the original message (decrypt it), and will then be able to read it.

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