NHFS – nonhierarchical file system

This page is about NHFS, a nonhierarchical file system.
I developed NHFS for my bachelor’s thesis in Cognitive Science. In short, NHFS allows you to file any file into any number of directories. Likewise, you may place any directory into as many directories as you like. NHFS therefore allows you to create a nonhierarchical directory structure with polyhierarchically connected files. All this is mostly backward compatible – this means, you can use it from any file manager, any other application, and also the command line.

The idea behind NHFS is to enhance usability of the file system for basic file management tasks by allowing the same document to be categorized multiple times, without using impractical band-aid solutions, such as symbolic links.

NHFS has been tested on Linux. Compatibility with FreeBSD and Mac OS X is likely but untested. It requires FUSE (file system in user space), which allows to create a file system running as a user space program. FUSE is currently available for Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X.

Download NHFS 1.0


This software will be released under an open source license, I haven’t decided on a specific license yet.


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