Things to Dislike about Mac OS X: 1 – No Cut and Paste in Finder

This is the first post of a series of posts about things I really dislike about Mac OS X.

Edit menu of Finder window
The disabled cut command in Finder. How I loathe it

When I came to the Mac from Windows and Linux about 12 years ago, I was shocked to notice one functionality which is missing in the Mac OS X Finder: The possibility to cut one or more files (or directories) and paste them elsewhere.

And still, even¬† after 12 years of using a Mac, this topic regularly bothers me. And I still haven’t found any reason why Apple doesn’t allow cutting and pasting of files and folders. Continue reading “Things to Dislike about Mac OS X: 1 – No Cut and Paste in Finder”

Mountain Biking with the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT

ELEMNT with map display
Not an ELEMNT BOLT but an ELEMNT. Map view with real resolution (Image: Wahoo)

The Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT  is a really good GPS cycling computer. This becomes clear when looking at most of the product reviews, and I can also second it from my personal experience.

But can it be used for mountain biking as well, especially for riding single tracks, including routing?

Continue reading “Mountain Biking with the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT”