General experience with the Acer Travelmate 800lci

I bought this notebook right after it appeared on the market (end of march 2003). Overall, it has made a good impression so far. Here's my opinion on some key components:
Display: Good resolution and size ratio (1400x1050, 15"). Everything else (contrast, sharpness, color constancy at different angles) is nothing unusual as far as I can judge. But: If you plan to use this computer with an external screen as your primary screen, forget about it. The vga out signal is too bad to be used as something for everyday needs. The lcd screen is large and sharp enough anyway (better than most CRTs in my opinion).
Keyboard: Nice, feels good. It is bent (5°) which really feels more comfortable. The "<>|" key is not right of "Y" but left of the right shift key, which can be a pain for people programming html for example. "del" and "ins" are at the very right top which again is bad for people using "advanced editing techniques" like me :) The touchpad has two buttons and some kind of four-directional "nav" key. No scroll wheel unfortunately.
Noise: This is not really a "component" although it unfortunately comes with most computers ;) I'm a big fan of silent computers, so this is important to me. The cpu fan is very quiet usually. When you have 100% cpu usage for a while though it will turn on, and then it is really a pretty noisy thing. But this will only happen when you really stress it (compiling, rendering, playing games) for a while. The hard drive and DVD/CD-RW are really acceptable noise-wise.
Battery: With decreased clockspeed (600/800 MHz) and display brightness at half you can get at least 4.5 hours under Linux. This was the case when having only little workload (e.g. programming without steady recompilation). Read how to reduce your cpu's clockspeed on the Centrino & Linux page
Other stuff: The audio out seems to have loose contact. This is kind of annoying. Will I have to send this thing in for the audio jack?!? Update: Other people reported this problem to me as well.

Update #2: After sending the notebook in to Acer Germany, it returned to me a mere 4 days later. They had fixed the audio jack (which I had asked for), but they had also -voluntarily- exchanged the touchpad and the wireless adapter (Intel). The left button of the touchpad felt a little sticky when releasing it. No idea why they changed the wlan mini pci card though.